Purdue Boilermakers Introduce Special Edition Throwback Jerseys

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN – The Purdue Boilermakers football team is set to celebrate their storied history with the introduction of special edition throwback jerseys. These jerseys pay tribute to some of the iconic teams and players that have shaped the program over the years.

The throwback Purdue Boilermakers Football Jersey feature the classic gold and black colors that Purdue is known for, but with a design that mirrors the look of the jerseys worn by the 1967 national championship team. This includes a gold body with black stripes on the shoulders, sleeves, and sides. The front of the jersey showcases a vintage-style “P” logo, while the player’s number is displayed on the back in a classic black font.

“The throwback jerseys are a way for us to honor the past and show our appreciation for the players who have come before us,” said senior linebacker Jack Plummer. “It’s a reminder of the legacy we carry as Boilermakers and motivates us to continue building on that tradition.”

Fans are equally excited to see the team don the throwback jerseys. “These jerseys bring back so many memories,” said Purdue alum Steve Thompson. “I remember watching the 1967 team win the national championship, and seeing our current team wear similar jerseys is incredibly nostalgic.”

The throwback jerseys will be worn for select games during the 2022 season, including the homecoming game against Ohio State on October 15th. In addition to the jerseys, the team will also be sporting matching throwback helmets with the classic Purdue “train” logo.

The introduction of the throwback jerseys is just one of many initiatives by Purdue to honor their football program’s history. The team will also be hosting special events and reunions for former players and alumni throughout the season.