Penn State Nittany Lions Honor Joe Paterno with Special Throwback Jerseys

The Penn State Nittany Lions football team is paying tribute to the late legendary coach Joe Paterno by wearing special throwback jerseys during the 2021 season. These jerseys commemorate Coach Paterno’s lasting impact on the Penn State football program.

The throwback Penn State Nittany Lions Football Jersey capture the essence of Coach Paterno’s era, featuring a classic design with dark blue jerseys adorned with white numbers and letters. The iconic Penn State logo, a blue lion enclosed in a white oval, is prominently displayed on the sleeves, representing the team’s pride and heritage.

The decision to honor Coach Paterno through the throwback jerseys has sparked mixed reactions among the Penn State community. While some consider it a fitting tribute to a coaching legend, others have raised concerns due to the controversial moments that tarnished Coach Paterno’s tenure. Nevertheless, the jerseys serve as a reminder of Coach Paterno’s achievements and the impact he had on Penn State.

Head Coach James Franklin acknowledges the significance of this tribute, saying, “Joe Paterno is an integral part of Penn State’s football history. The throwback jerseys allow us to honor his contributions. We understand that his legacy is complex, but we believe it is important to acknowledge the positive impact he had on our program and numerous players’ lives.”

The Nittany Lions will wear these special throwback jerseys for select games during the 2021 season, providing players and fans with an opportunity to reflect on Coach Paterno’s enduring legacy, as well as the importance of growth and accountability within the Penn State football community.