Michigan Wolverines Football Partners with Local Indigenous Artists for New Jersey Design

The Michigan Wolverines football team has partnered with local Indigenous artists to create a powerful and meaningful jersey design that celebrates the rich Native American heritage in the state. These jerseys, designed in collaboration with Under Armour, pay homage to the diverse cultures that make up Michigan.

The home Michigan Wolverines Football Jersey features a vibrant maize color with navy blue accents on the collar and sleeves. The team’s block “M” logo is prominently displayed in navy blue on the chest. The numbers on the front and back of the jersey incorporate Indigenous motifs, adding a unique visual element to the design. The sleeves and sides of the jersey showcase stunning artwork created by local Indigenous artists, representing the rich heritage and traditions of Native American communities.

The away jersey is equally striking, with a navy blue base and maize accents. The block “M” logo is displayed in maize on the chest, standing out against the navy background. The numbers on the front and back of the jersey continue to incorporate Indigenous motifs, celebrating the cultural diversity of Michigan. The sleeves and sides feature additional artwork by local Indigenous artists, highlighting their contributions to the state’s history.

The collaboration between the Michigan Wolverines football program and local Indigenous artists has been met with great enthusiasm from fans. These jerseys are not just symbols on the field; they serve as a platform to showcase and honor the rich Indigenous cultures that are an integral part of Michigan’s identity. It is a meaningful and powerful tribute to the Native American communities and their contributions to the state.

The jersey design for the Michigan Wolverines football team is a testament to their commitment to inclusivity and cultural appreciation. By partnering with local Indigenous artists, they have created a visually stunning representation of the Native American heritage in Michigan, and fans couldn’t be more proud.