Alabama Crimson Tide Introduces Exciting New Away Jerseys, Honoring Heisman Winner Derrick Henry

Tuscaloosa, Alabama – The Alabama Crimson Tide football program has revealed their captivating new away jerseys for the upcoming season, paying tribute to former star running back Derrick Henry, winner of the prestigious Heisman Trophy. The Alabama Crimson Tide Football Jersey showcase the team’s dedication to excellence and aim to inspire the current players to reach new heights.

The updated design features a striking crimson and white color scheme with the Alabama Crimson Tide logo proudly displayed on the front. On the back, the name and number of Henry, a beloved figure in the program’s history, are prominently showcased.

Expressing his admiration for the jerseys, Henry said, “Wearing the Alabama Crimson Tide uniform was an honor, and seeing my name on these new away jerseys is truly special. The design represents the fighting spirit of the team, and I’m excited for the players to wear them in the upcoming season.”

Head coach Nick Saban, renowned for his attention to detail, collaborated closely with Nike to create a design that reflects the team’s relentless pursuit of success. Saban emphasized the significance of honoring the program’s past while focusing on the present. “These away jerseys embody the tradition and standards of the Alabama Crimson Tide. We pay tribute to Derrick Henry’s achievements, but it also serves as a reminder for our current players that they are part of a historic legacy and are expected to perform at the highest level.”

The introduction of the new away jerseys has sparked excitement among Alabama Crimson Tide fans. As they eagerly await the start of the season, fans will don these jerseys with pride, showcasing their unwavering support for their team and celebrating the impact of players like Derrick Henry.